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Real Estate Appraisal Services in NJ
Expert, Certified and Designated Appraisers Providing Defensible Values

Serving the Appraisal Needs of Attorneys, Clients, Banks and Taxpayers

Attorney/Client Services
Expert appraisers with substantial trial experience can help you win your case by providing credible testimony.

  • Proven track record
  • Credible expert witness
  • Used by many attorneys
  • Experienced – knowledgeable

Tax Appeals
Are you or your client paying too much property tax?

  • We have saved clients millions of dollars.
  • We will work with assessors and tax boards.
  • We have considerable experience in tax court.

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Litigation Support

    • We conduct appraisals for asset allocation, bankruptcy, foreclosures, bail bonds, establishing capital gains basis, fractional and partial interests, divorces, gifts and gift trusts, partitioning an estate, sale of assests, new project feasibility, lease cs. buy decisions, intricate part cash and part donation for New Jersey Green Acres and Farmland Preservation transactions, fire and casualty losses, lease analysis and other unique and special assignments. Our values have never been overturned by the IRS in 35 years.
  • Condemnations – we are experts in determining just compensation – especially the partial taking and damages to the remainder.
  • Real Estate Tax Appeals – we have saved clients millions – by negotiations, tax board or tax court decisions.
  • Value Diminution – we specialize in value diminution caused by actual damages, stigma, perception, etc.

Mortgage Brokers
Our appraisers can help you close your deals quickly.

  • Few, if any, conditions we have not encountered – we have many years of experience.
  • All appraisers are very thorough in their work, minimizing reviews.

Estate and Probate
Our expert appraisers provide defensible values that stand up to IRS scrutiny.

  • More than 35 years’ experience with the IRS
  • No values have ever been overturned by the IRS
  • Competitive fees

Our appraisers have vast experience in this exacting area of evaluation.

  • We consult thoroughly with attorneys or clients about our strategy.
  • We provide valuation services from start to finish.
  • We are experts in the partial taking, establishing the value of the taking, and damages to the remainder.
  • We prepare our case well and support the position of the client.